It’s very convinient to take the benefit of jekyll engine to manage the content in your blog. Posts along with the whole structure, can be developed within the Vistual Studio Code and the blog posts are constructed in the markdown language, pushed directly to your github account, where the jekyll CI/CD pipeline is doing the remaining work to recompile those and have them exposed as your blog entries. Straightforward, and very usefull.


  • Github account
  • Some entry level git knowledge
  • Some entry level DNS/hosting knowledge
  • Preferably your own domain, but it is not a must


  • Everything is very well explained on github
  • It is not even necessary to have your certificate, to make use https for your blog, github is providing that for you, and taking care about the certificat expiration
  • In order to use your own domain for the github blog, so it is not exposed within the domain, but via your own domain, you need to buy the domain first, and perform some preconfiguration within the panel of your domain provider, to link it with the github DNS.
  • You do not have to buy the hosting, domain is enough. Hosting is needed if you’d like to combine the github with your email accounts from the domain you own.


That’s it.
Last update: 2022.04.06